I’m a writer before iam a sister, a daughter a friend a lover. I’m a writer long before I learned how to ride a bike without training wheels. I was a writer when all I had were the rhythmic patterns that matched my mother within her womb. Before I was born into this god forsaken earth during the facade of two parents producing me out of love out of wedlock into the reality of broken relationships broken hearts and mourning.
I was writing this all in my head.
Before my brain could formulate full sentences due to my lack of knowledge of the thousands and trillions of words hidden witting Webster.

I wrote these things on my dresser on my mirror I etched these things in permanent ink on my beautiful brown skin. I absorbed it in and I released it out. Floodgated on college rule paper and paper mate ink black.

I got thru it all because I documented it everywhere. So I wouldnever forget. So I would learn so I would always remember so I would love so I would feel so you would feel. So I can always return to my original state. What I was intended tobe from the beginning my thoughts are my own thoughts, they always come full circle and find themselves back to correlating with my actions.

I was a writer before he she them they broke me. I’m still a writer after it. In fact I’m more skilled I’m more in tune I’m more in love with me and less in love with them. Less in love with who I was expected to be.
January 7, 1997 I don’t think I can go on like this anymore nobody loves me. I always have to prove myself to everyone.

March 8,2014 I can’t handle this anymore I feel so alone I never feel good enough for anyone.

Your good enough for me.

I am a writer I know and see all of it.


Miserable because I have moments of clarity.
Moments where it’s hits me that this is not a reality this an escape and a facade

If someday you were to forget everything else, just don’t forget my name at least. Just my name would suffice.


you fix me written by easied

All On His Mouth Like Liqua’ #Drunkinlove #dangeroudlyinlove #crazyinlove


All On His Mouth Like Liqua’ #Drunkinlove #dangeroudlyinlove #crazyinlove

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Clear your mind here


Clear your mind here

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Inspiration | Women In Menswear | Wear It Weird

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Your mouth tastes like heaven.